Charitable Giving - Justin Surguine
The Tree of Life

Charitable giving is, and always will be, a core component of my business. My commitment is that a portion of the profits from each sale will be donated to a charity selected for that month. The percentages are as follows:

- 25% of digital download profits

- 10% of non-digital download profits (prints, phone cases, etc.)

- 20% of combination (digital and non-digital items in the same sale) profits

Below is the current list of charities. Please note that this site supports both local, national, and international charities. If there is a charity you would like to suggest or have featured, please contact me at I'm here to serve you!

January 2018 - The American Red Cross

February 2018 - The American Red Cross

Legal disclaimer: Please note that at this time, charitable contributions from sales are not generated at the time of the sale. The contribution amount will be calculated at the end of the month, rounded up to the nearest dollar, and made in one lump sum monthly directly from Grape Adventures Photography by the 15th of the following month. Grape Adventures Photography does not have the ability to provide official documentation of the individual charitable contribution from each sale and cannot provide any legal documentation of the charitable portion of the revenue from individual sales for consumer tax deduction purposes. Grape Adventures Photography does not exempt proceeds from any sales, even by request, from their contribution to that month's charitable gift. Grape Adventures Photography is not an official or licensed partner of any charity at this time, with all charity selections above made at the discretion of the webmaster. Donation percentages are subject to change at any time. For any questions regarding Grape Adventures Photography's charitable giving policies, please e-mail me at