About GAP - Justin Surguine
Ride of Steel

My Story

I'm Justin, a photographer originally from the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area, and now residing in central Florida. I started Grape Adventures Photography on November 7th, 2016, as an Instagram showcase for my amusement park photography.

I have been taking photos at amusement parks regularly since the early 2000s, which was when I overcame my fear of roller coasters and became very passionate about them. As my track record grew, so did my photo collection. In 2011, I received a DSLR and really got serious about photography, although it was only a few years ago where I felt I was able to more consistently obtain high-quality photos. Having combed through my portfolio over and over again, I found a selection of photos that really stood out for their quality and for their ability to help me relive the experiences that surrounded them.

Wanting to find a way to display them all in one location, and to properly share them with the world, I started this site. However, I wanted to do a little more with it than just display and sell my photos. I wanted to find a way to use this hobby to benefit those in need, and, inspired by some charity events in which I was able to participate over the years, I decided to make charitable giving a central part of the business of this site.

My Mission

To help my customers relive their fondest amusement park memories through photography and to make donations to charity through proceeds from photo sales.

My Charitable Commitment

Charitable giving is and always will be a part of the Grape Adventures Photography business. For more information, please click here.